Happy Oniversary!!!

2 min readOct 21, 2022

Onimaru’s ready to surprise you to celebrate the 1st Oniversary…

In October 2021, Onimaru traveled all the way through the blockchain and the internet, to this blue planet which occasionally attracted his attraction among millions of worlds.

He was just expecting some new friends at that time, and during the past year, he got much beyond that — a family that loves each other. It was an amazing journey, and now it is your turn to celebrate the Oniversary together!

Onimaru has prepared surprises for all his friends and family, which you’ll find in the following events of the Oniversary:

Oniversary Contest: World Trip

It’s time to invite Onimaru into your life!

Access the web AR page of Onimaru, and you can create your own story with Onimaru.

Tweet your photos or videos made with Onimaru AR with the hashtag #HappyOniversary, and submit the works through the form to get rewards of BUSD, free NFT vouchers, and NEG if you win in the voting session!

⏰Submission Session: 21 Oct — 30 Oct 24:00 (UTC)

⏰Voting Session: 31 Oct — 6 Nov 24:00 (UTC)

More Info: https://twitter.com/SWAGGA_Meta/status/1583444804943634432

Oniversary Giveaway

We’ll give away 200 BUSD and whitelist spots to the coming NEW NFT COLLECTION of Onimaru to 10 winners who give the best wishes to Onimaru and SWAGGA in celebration of #HappyOniversary! You can tweet any of the wishes you like, or you can just play a trick on Onimaru for Halloween!

Stay tuned with @SWAGGA_Meta to get more information!
⏰: 25 Oct — 1 Nov

More information will be updated when it starts.

Oniversary Active Rewards

Let’s hype up for the Oniversary in the SWAGGA Discord server!

We’ll have 2 rounds of special Daily Active Rewards — the basic reward pool will be DOUBLED! Join it in the GIVEAWAY channel of the Server!

⏰1st Round: 21 Oct — 27 Oct

⏰2nd Round: 28 Oct — 3 Nov

Join SWAGGA Discord Server to enter: https://discord.gg/swagga

AMA of Some Exciting NEWS…

We’re holding our first SPACE AMA to share with you the recent news of SWAGGA! Topics will cover:

  • Celebration of the 1st Oniversary
  • Beta Testing of SWAGGA Apartment NFT
  • Japan Dream Collection
  • Another NEW NFT COLLECTION of Onimaru
  • And more…

Just stay tuned!

⏰26 Sep 12:00 PM (UTC)

More Info: https://twitter.com/SWAGGA_Meta/status/1584541258935980032


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